Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whiteside Router Bits Has Become A New Website Sponsor

Please welcome Whiteside Tool Co. as a website sponsor. This is great news because Whiteside reconizes that website learning communities will be a leading resource for the woodworkers who will become the 21st century Maloofs and Krenovs.

Whiteside was rated # 1 router bit manufacturer by Fine Woodworking Magazine in their last two study/comparisons. Best overall in 1999 and Best overall and Best Value last year. I have always preferred Whiteside because of quality. When you hold it in your hand you can feel its heft and see the great finish. Because of the generous micro grain carbide cutters they can be sharpened multiple times. This makes most bits a life-time tool.

They have made a real commitment to provide the router bits needed by sculptured chairmakers. The seat to leg joinery featured in "Build A Maloof Inspired Rocker," requires a 1/2" rabbet bit that is 1 1/2" in diameter to rabbet the seat joint and a 3/4" roundover bit to make the mating leg joint. I recommend the Whiteside #1922 rabbet/ slot cutter and the #2010 3/4" roundover.

They soon will have the 5 degree rabbet bit set and the 1" rabbet used to make Sam's joint. As soon as they are available I will demo them in Chuck's Studio so you can have a choice in methods and tools for your rocker. I will also demo them at my Highland Woodworking seminar in November.