Monday, July 28, 2008

Build A Maloof Inspired Class at Highland Woodworking was a Blast!

July 11-13 at Highland Woodworking in Atlanta, Georgia students came from all over the U.S. to study the Maloof rocker design and learn to build their own version. It was a delight to see all of the interest and to experience the enthusiasm for the chair.

Cecil Cheves not only superbly assisted me during the workshop, he loaned one of the chairs I built for his family so all could see, touch and rock. I must admit that the greatest thrill I get from making the chairs is the smile I see when someone sits in it and rocks.

Friday night we spent three hours studying the chairs' function and appearance. We analyzed the joinery, hard and soft lines, finish and critical elements that cause the Maloof Inspired rocker to exceed all requirements of function and appearance. A student described the spindle support system as "Recaro" (Italian designer's term), meaning curved support around thelumbar area of your back.

The Saturday and Sunday demos centered on the construction of a coopered seat, seat joinery, gluing the sled laminations on the form, bandsawing the arms, etc. It was a busy time.

I have attached some pictures from the classes for all to enjoy. I made some great new friends, learned a lot and in general had a blast working with people who have the same passion for this craft.

Thanks to all who attended along with the outstanding staff at Highland Woodworking.