Sunday, November 30, 2008

Updates Website Changes and Improvements

Thanks to all of you who have taken a class, purchased plans, inquired about my services or visited the website. The website has had over 30,000 hits in 2 1/2 months! Wow!

An individual's interest in building a Maloof Inspired chair started out for most of us with the first glance of one in FWW or another magazine. It has grown from a "Bucket List," project to an obsession with many of us because of its artistry. Sam Maloof gave us the joinery, the perceived comfort, the hard and soft lines and the chair's sense of perpetual motion. As we search for our own success in building a Maloof Inspired rocker, My hope is that you find something of interest here.

I owe a lot to the great people at Highland Woodworking (their link is on every page). They actually made all of this possible for me. Chris Bagby and the knowledgeable, personable staff can help you make your woodworking dreams come true, too. Their catalog, tool offerings, website, workshops, classes and store all work together to make their mission of building a woodworking community a wonderful success. Even though no craftsman has only one source they are my first choice and have been for almost 30 years.

Please welcome Peach State Lumber to my site as a sponsor. Burt and the gang in Kennesaw, GA provide an answer to the question, "Where do you get your wood?" I use black walnut and they stock it (in the rough) in all grades and thicknesses (4/4 to 12/4 ). They even have 8/4 Common #1's and 2's which are perfect for chairmaking. Sam says that commons have the most interesting grain and color. The great thing is that common boards costs less. They deliver in Georgia or you can go to there warehouse and look through every board to find the perfect one. Wow!

I hope you enjoy the improvements to the website. Scott Isaacs of Isaacs Creative has been working on my dream for this site. He is doing a great job and it's taking shape.

The growth spurt that I am hoping the site to see is is still six months away. As some of you know I am serving my thirtieth and final year as a public school teacher and will finally have a fulltime focus on teaching Maloof Inspired chair classes around the country along, designing new chairs, building chairs for clients, writing articles and producing videos.

The videoplayer has been updated to a multi-player format. I can add tool and how-to videos associated with building sculptured rocking chairs to the new player. They will accumulate into a library or resource for craftsman who have an interest in this type of chair. I will also post other messages or updates of interest to the videoplayer.

The resources page will soon be filled with links to those resources a sculptured chairmaker needs to be successful plus a few I just like.

If you would like to link your site to mine check out the banner trade information.

If you have taken a workshop or purchased plans, please email pictures for a student gallery I hope to have soon!