Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Layout and Rough Cut the Parts

I layout the plywood templates on the slabs and look for grain orientation and color. The trick is to balance color, figure and grain continuity from part to part. For example, the backlegs should match and grain should flow nicely into the parts
the with which theyare joined. This is very evident in the flow of the back legs into the crest rail. In the end you must use every board foot to its best advantage.

When working with slabs you have more choices to make over working with boards which can be very advantageous. The only drawback is the slabs usually are not graded and splits are more common.
To analyze the color and grain from rough slabs, you have to sometimes scrape, plane or sand to remove enough of the surface to make decisions concerning its use. Another trick is to mist water or dentured alcohol to see the wood to its advantage.

As you see I have rough cut a lot of parts.
Tune in for the next post which I will title "Saddling Up."