Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maloof Inspired Rocking Chair News

I am teaching a workshop on designing and building a Maloof Inspired rocking Chair at Highland Woodworking on July 11,12,13. Building this chair is a great joy and being able to share it with my woodworking friends will be, as always, a rewarding experience.

The rocker requires a lot of thought and work, but I think most woodworkers can handle this project with a thoughtful presentation of the knowledge and skills required. This workshop is not about me. I am no guru but I am an educator with almost thirty years experience and a furniture maker/designer with in excess of 200 commissions over the last 28 years. I want to teach you how to make the chair. If you are interested you will also learn how to publicize your talents for profit.

The greatest obstacle to making the chair is the intricate seat to leg joinery. I can teach you to make the joints without special router bits using a table saw and router w/ regular rabbet and round-over bits.

You will also learn what tools to buy and how to use them. You don't need a huge bandsaw. I built a lot of chairs and furniture using a Jet 14 inch saw and the correct blades. About two years ago I finally purchased a 20" Agazzani because I started working with a lot of walnut slabs, but I could build the chair with a 12" saw and the right blades.

Check out my chair pictures and posts and I will try to add to this sight weekly.
To register for the class call Highland Woodworking
(404) 872-4466 or register online at