Friday, July 24, 2009

Maloof Inspired Rocker DVD, Patterns and Book Now Available

Thanks to your interest, woodworkers across the U.S., Canada, Sweden and Russia are engaged in building the rocker from the original full-size patterns and eBook bundle. This interest led me to develop a comprehensive bundle of instructional materials that will be available for shipment in August to make your Maloof Inspired rocker a reality. Titled “Build a Maloof Inspired Rocker,” the bundle includes a DVD, book, full size patterns and professional online support. My wish is each of these companion pieces will work together to make your rocker a success.

DVD Music Row Video of Nashville, Tennessee shot over twelve hours of rocker building video. The goal was to teach the process of building the chair and at the same time keep it informative, moving and entertaining. The videographer rarely shot from a tripod. He was moving all around the action. My thought was tight shots let you see the process and connect to the main idea which is, “I can do that!” Music and voice-overs were placed to keep the instruction moving and the audience connected while bandsawing, turning, shaping and such are in progress. Text boxes and graphics fine tune each segment so greater knowledge and confidence are gained from the viewing experience. The final product is a one hour forty three minute experience that will give you what you need to build the rocker of your woodworking dreams. The video teaches: 1) Assembling and carving the coopered seat 2) Bandsawing and shaping the legs, arms, headrest and spindles 3) Attaching the legs to the seat using the signature bridal joinery 4) Shaping hard and soft lines 5) Laminating the flowing rockers 6) Assembling the rocker

BOOK There are some concepts and information that is just better to have in written form. That is the basic idea of the companion book. I wrote a narrative for each part of the process shown in the video. My insights about each step, along with alternative methods and tool choices can help you adapt the work to your shop’s resources. Some of the resources in the book are sections on 1) Stock selection 2)Making shop patterns from the paper patterns 3)Do’s and don’ts 4)Tool lists 5)Rocker design 6)Pictures of the chair to use as carving models 7)Finishing Sanding 8) My thoughts on the Life and work of Sam Maloof
Full Size Patterns
Two Sheets 24”X 48”
Full size patterns allow every woodworker a chance to build the rocker. It simplifies the construction because the geometry is built into the pattern design. The patterns have valuable information printed on them to help you identify key areas of importance. They are printed on heavy paper and should be glued or transferred to appropriate pattern material for long term shop use (as explained in the book).
Professional On-line Support
The new website will go live in August. Its mission is to provide online resources for the community of woodworkers building this style of rocker. There are public and membership areas of the site. The public portion is devoted to Student Galleries, Instructional Product Information, workshop and demonstration schedules, etc.
The best part is Chuck’s Workshop, which is a membership section. The workshop contains a rocker builder’s forum, Q&A’s, Updates on new methods and materials, Tool Reviews, Recommendations and Demos, Tool Store linked to dealer’s websites (Every dealer will share in my recommendations), Resources for buying wood, Pattern alternatives (new arm, headrest or leg profiles/ download and print at Kinko’s), Videos on topics of interest to builders, etc.
Owners of the bundle qualify to apply online for membership, using the unique serial number in each bundle. There is a $20 membership fee which helps to pay for this website.