Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Proud Craftsman Visits the Photograher

I am very proud of this chair. It is one of five that I am building for a wonderful family. Building something from scratch and making it come to life is a thrill. I don't care how many times you do it. You have a vision, you shape it from raw stock by hand, smooth and rub it til it has a warm glow and observe it until it makes you smile. The only thing left to do is sit in it and rock.

I recently took this chair to Kenny Gray a wonderful photographer at the Columbus State University Fine Arts campus. My least favorite part was throwing it over my head and running across the street. Kenny intuitively knew what I wanted and I had great fun having my work photographed by a professional. Furnituremakers need to do this for many reasons. You can't get the shots you want without proper lighting or without an open set. I want something to have so I can enjoy my commission and trace the development of my product. Although, it would be too costly to do this with all of them, this is worth the indulgence. A great picture also helps sell the next customer.