Sunday, September 9, 2007

The chair is very sculptural. There are many hard and soft lines for viewing and touching. As I build a chair the grain and the figure of its flowing parts gives me an opportunity to create lines of interest that accent the beauty of the wood.
This picture shows the back of the arm joint and the sweep of the arm toward the chair front. Form meets function and exceeds the expectations of comfort in a wooden chair.

The front of the arm appears to lift up, exposing the carved pedestal that joins the arm to the turned front leg.

Fine Estate Rocking Chairs by Charles Buford Brock

Thanks for viewing my work. I am Charles Buford Brock a fine furniture maker since 1979. I have designed and crafted over 200 furniture commissions for clients who have become friends. I have also found great joy in teaching others the skills of creating in wood. My work is greatly inspired by Sam Maloof and Michael Dunbar, both of whom have shared their skills and thoughts with me. I also wish to thank Hal Taylor, the staff of Highland Woodworking, Cecil Cheves, my wife (Sheila), our family (Keri, Emily and Steve), friends and our Creator for supporting and guiding me.
The Estate Rocking Chair is one of my greatest passions. The chair is a great marriage of fine art and function. It invites you to observe its hard and soft lines and caress its warm surfaces. It asks a person to sit and relax totally supported in a carved saddle while embracing your back in total lumbar support. My estate rocker is meticulously hand carved using spoke shaves, wood rasps, scrapers and planes. The wood is protected and enhanced by three coats of a special tung oil, linseed oil and polymer resin solution. It soaks into the wood, files up the pores and hardens. Finally, three more hand rubbed coats of a oil solution containing melted beeswax are applied. This rubs out to a warm glow that shows the woods natural figure, depth and color.
If you would like this chair crafted for you, you can choose from the very best of domestic hardwoods. We can make these choices together if you like at the premier woodyards in the United States. We can also plan for you to experience hands-on opportunities in the creation of your rocker.

Email or phone 706 366-3152 for information.